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EK9: Big Parts delivery from Japan

Soo, after a long wait, this week a sea-freight pallete straight from Japan (via the netherlands) finally arrived at my doorstep.
My EK9 didn’t pass the swiss MOT (MFK) this summer, but only a few minor things weren’t good. But thinking about fixing them, and at the same time having a pallete in japan reserved because of some bigger Datsun part shipment, i thought it would make sense to give the humble TypeR a bigger overhaul and fix a few other flaws as well. So i filled the pallete with all kind of parts, which should get installed on the car whenever i find some time:

Can you guess the parts?

First: My radiator has a minimal leak, so i thought i should order a new one to fix that for the next decades. However Honda Japan doesn’t have them in stock anymore and not produce them either.
So what to do? look for an improved alternative. I ended up with the Greddy / Trust Aluminum radiator, which is the same size as the original one but with a 50mm core thikness, and much lighter:

I thought if i have a big shipment anyway, i should add some big parts, so i added a Laile / Beatrush / ARP sports under panel (here still covered in the protective blue foil).

Laile / beatrush is one of those japanese brands that barely anybody knows, but they make amazing nice products and i love to have these “special” rare parts on my car, that are different to what everybody else has.
this one is to improve the air flow and protect the engine from the underside and it’s installed at the OEM installation points:

When talking to my mechanic i realized i’ve never changed the timing belt since i own the car. I didn’t make many miles, to be  honest, but with an engine like this, you better be safe. so i got myself one from Honda

One of the flaws my car has is that the mirror-foil of my room mirror is oxidating in the corners, so i asked honda about a new one. This was (what they said) the last one in stock. so i HAD to get it:

I thought if i give my car an overhaul anyway, why not change the brakepads too?  i decided to go for a “street” sports setup with Endless Y-sports pads front and rear:

Another flaw of the car is that the rear axle rubbers are cracking slightly and this needs to be fixed to get the MOT approval. Honda doesn’t sell them individually, but only the complete arms.
therefore i decided to go for a full spoon kit instead. this should solve the bushing problem on the complete car for another one or two decades i hope 🙂

And with increasing collectors values of these cars, i thought i do something for the value, and ordered a bit of additional documentation which completes my collection which i’ve already got
From top left to bottm right:
– Original Parts catalogue.
– Original Civic Facelift sales brochure
– Original Civic TypeR facelift sales brochure
– Mugen Civic Facelift (incl. TypeR) parts catalogue
– Honda accessory catalogue with price list
– Type Rx parts manual add-on
– Honda Civic facelift Wiring diagram / electrical diagnostics book
– Honda Service manual facelift addon

Next i have to install all the parts and i have som additional work planned on the car, so for summer season 2022 it should be absolutely mint again.
Oh, and oyu maybe noticed a few more parts on the pallete, which are for the Datsun. I’ll show them in a separate post in the coming days 🙂

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