240Z Project

249Z: NOS rocker arms & Complete intake setup

I recently collected a few different Carb insulator setups. mainly  just because i first got the wrong ones, and then some more 🙂

Left to right. Original Datsun PHH44, but for the U-series (Fairlady) Engine, PHH44 L-series replica, PHH40 (L-series) Replica:

The main difference between the U and L-shaped items are a slight offset in the stud position (see left)

What also came in one of those deliveries was a set of NOS rocker arms. Not sure if i will need them, but as you know i can’t resist whenever NOS parts get offered:

So my “fun” Motor intake side setup is nearing completion. I meanwhile have enough parts to build one standard and one “sport” motor.

Also just got a call today that a pallette of parts on the way from japan will arrive next week in the Port of Rotterdam, before being delivered to switzerland (Just as the Datsun parts and cars, back in the days)…
So i’m quite excited 🙂

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