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240Z: Various old Carboy Magazine tuner parts ads scanned

Recently i got a bunch of old Carboy magazines (from the 70ies to the 90ies) and other japanese tuner magazines and books as a loan from my Mate Kris.
While i don’t understand a word of those Japanese stories, i adore all the old advertizing that show all the cool parts which i own or i’d like to own.
It’s nice to have a proper evidence of where your parts come from with some additional information.

Those magazines were mostly from the turbo-crazy 80ies and advertize all kind of crazy turbo setups. so i decided to update my
Datsun L-series Intake manifold & Turbo surge tank post (click link) with all my new findings and better pictures to what i had before.

I’ve added about 12 new turbo surge tanks and intake manifolds to the post (click image to go there), by all kind of famous and lesser known tuners.
Did you know that both Hayashi wheels and Work wheels offered their own turbo kits for the L-Series in the past? me either.. 🙂

But i also found Advertizing for nice vintage parts which i already own, so i updated some older blog posts with some official documents as well, like the one about my promodet oil pan

Or the one about my Kakimoto Valve cover with some nice pictures of the original Kakimoto race machine…

And also an ad found in the August 1990 Carboy magazine from my “ARC” Autorefine stabilizer bars:

I also found some nice ads for parts that are currently on the way to me an will share them when the parts are here.
It’s nice to see the origin of all those parts, better know which age they are and what was the background of those information.
Japanese ads often share quite a bit of additional information about the parts and how they’re made.

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