240Z Project

240Z: Small gimmicks arrived (Contacts, Book & RAL chart)

You may have realized by now that the project is a bit on hold by now. The reason is i took over a management role in my job, and besides i’m also studying management. Good thing is after some first chaos i’ve settled in my new position and things are getting calmer and then i have my exams soon, so after that i have finally much more free time  (after 2 years of school = home-study in the evenings and school on the weekends). The plan is to  jump right back at where the project stopped aroun april 2022 and go full throttle. i really want to complete this build and i have so many nice parts in stock to go on the car. But from time to time you have to treat yourself with some small gimmicks to keep your brain active on the project.
The first thing i got was a contactor set, which was for sale NOS locally and cheap. How could i say no? It’s kind of funny to see the mitsubishi logo on the genuine Nissan part 🙂

Also  got this nice german book about the Z. It seems to be a quite well researched book compared to most others (in german).

They even got the Goertz story right, i ncluding a print of the letter that nissan sent to him about the design:

And then got myself a RAL colour chart. Why you might ask? well I’ll show you that in a coming update. and NO, the car won’t be painted in any of those colors 🙂

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