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NEWS: New logos are here

I’ve always wanted to create a sort of brand identity for this website. with business cards to hand out at events and stickers to put on the cars. I finnaly put some time into it. so here we go. Let me know what you think 🙂

The one above is a more modern and light handlettering style one. while the below one is a bit more compact  logo type. I’ll use both of them in future, wherever they fit best.
BTW: The two J’s  from Jdm Junkies in the logo below resemble a J-turn street 🙂 I might fine-tune them a bit over the next weeks and also plan to make new header pictures where the logo is visible better. stay tuned for news..
Compared to the old self-made logos, the new one is made more proffesional based on vector graphics (ready for sticker-cutting) and available in any colour, size etc. also they’re monochrome, so much easier printable, compared over the old logo…

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