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240Z: Early 240Z Brochure & NOS parts picked up

Today i visited a Datsun friend and picked up some parts like these rear window rubbers:

A used Door mirror (mine came without those)

A set of NOS Window insulators:

A NOS transmission boot rubber:

And a bunch of catalogues. The orange one is a 1972 belgian catgalogue and the other one is a french one. But the on on the top right is the really rare one i car about.

It’s the very early March 1971 Swiss sales brochure. I have never seen this one (with US-spec car) before. The later one with the red euro spec car is much more common.

Inside you find the usual press photos and information. nothing special.

On the rear the Monte Carlo rallye 1971 is used to promote the sportiness of the Z. Mind the monte carlo rallye was held only about 6 weeks before this brochure was released.

What is also interesting is the paper. It has a texture like the 240Z Vinyl dashboard and has a very exklusive feel. Nice score!

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