240Z Project

240Z: Repair tools kit pt. 1

Lately i’ve started collecting the tools for a complete Toolkit for the Z:

Which includes this packing slip, from a genuine swiss Z:

You can see there are still quite some things missing. but at least i got some of the nissan branded tools already, like the wrenches:

The wheel stopper set:

Spare lug nuts (not sure if they’re part of the toolkit. I’ve seen it listed in a later version of the above toolkit slip. But they’re nice to have anyway!

And the original tookit bag.

Whit is missing currently are the scissor jack, the lug nut wrench, and at least a pliers and one screwdriver from the toolkit bag. I know you can still buy them new, but if possible id’like to source things locally with the right patina, whenever i come along it. At least i’ve started to collect things now 🙂


  • Andrew Edwards

    Those spanners are cool, but the Zeds are all metric and those spanners are imperial.
    How is that going to work?

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      I thought the same… not sure how this came. not even sure if they’re original parts for the Z, since i got them with a big parts lot.. still have to figure out all the details…

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