EK9 Project

EK9: General Check

In a few weeks i have to bring the EK9 for the bi-annual check at the local government checkpoint (aka Shaken / MOT), so i decided to better have a look if everything is correct.

Aside from the usual wear and tear (which is just a sign it still gets used as it was built to do)

Everything seemed pretty good… what looks like rust on the exhaust is mostly dirt that got baked-in due to the heat.

I have a little project to clean the seat belt retractor and upper buckles, since the seat belts do not retract nicely with the usual tension anymore (but they still work ok), and i realized two of the small plastic clips that hold down the window visors are gone. Honestly i assume they where never really there. I think something went wrong back then when the local shop had to replace the older damaged ones, but then i never investigated in that.  let’s see what i can do now…
Also you might have realized that some paint chipped in the front bumper once i went a bit too close to a smaller stone-chipped area with the pressure washer… I think sooner or later i’ll have the whole front bumper sanded and repainted as it starts to look a bit rough after 21 years of various usage… But overall i think it’s still in pretty good shape, with a nice and honest patina 🙂

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