240Z Project

240Z: Introduction of the 260Z Bulletins (incl 2+2)

Yes, more documents. I went a bit over board lately with collecting documents. but this one i just had to get! It’s the Service bulletins that were delivered when the 260Z was released and introduce the new cars to the dealerships with all the changes, new featuers, colours etc… so this is pretty interessting.
Honestly i wanted those for the 240Z and i’m still searching for them, but when i found these for i reasonable price, i couldn’t refuse to get them as well for my library…

I got
2x Service bulletin vol. 190 – Introduction of Datsn 260Z Model S30 Series, issued September 1973
1x Service bulletin vol. 204 – Introduction of Datsn 260Z 2+2 Model S30 Series (1974 Models), issued January 1974
(the double one is sold already, don’t ask!)

Haven’t found time to read through the books yet but they’re sure interesting… Btw if anyone has the 240Z introduction bulletins for sale, let me know!

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