• 240Z: Datsun Competition fuel rail & Rubber plugs arrived

    Since i got the triple Mikuni / Solex carb setup, i was looking for an original Competition fuel rail that belongs to it, as shown in this 1978 american Datsun competition parts catalogue: Lately i found a NOS one for sale, and of course i had to get it… Here’s how it’s listed in the Japanese Race & Rallye preparation manual: And while ordering stuff anyway, i decided to include the floorpan rubber plugs…  Oh and there was a free little early christmas gift inside the box too:

  • 240Z: Datsun (suisse) Brochure & advertising Poster

    Lately i got really interested in the Datsun Switzerland history and i’ve started to collect a few documents. Luckily it seems that thanks to Covid some people find time to dig through old piles of documents and put them up for sale. Thats how i got this Datsun (Suisse) Information brochure, very similar to this one. It seems to be  a bit older, since the Z is not listed inside, but it has figures from november 1969, so i think it must be from very late 1969 or very early 1970. It seems to be higher quality than the other one, but the content is very similar. Mainly advertising the…