• 240Z: L24 / L20A Engine Service manual arrived

    As usual, progress is slow but steady. So this week something arrived which i’ve ordered over two months ago, but was delayed due to COVID-19. I mainly bought it because it had a slight water-damage and was almost for free. and it’s still nice enough to work with in the workshop. Just another piece of documentation ready. Looking forward to get back into the project soon.

  • 240Z; Fuel filler protecting panel arrived

    Today this little panel arrived: It’s there to protect the fuel filler neck that goes to the tank And is installed in the RH wheel housing. Just a small little bit that was missing and another piece of the puzzle: Update: It took me a while to find the part in the parts manual. I expected it to be in the body section. but a few days later i stumbled upon this part in the Fuel tank (Motor) Section. which it seems where to find it 🙂