240Z Project

240Z: Blasting preparation & Optional footrest installation

Over the next week i’ve planned to bring the Chassis to a Blasting company (more on that in a separate post). But before that, i had to remove the installed bodypanels.

So the passenger door and fenders came off and we have the naked chassis back again.

Then i decided it would make sense to drill holes before the blasting and before a primer would be applied, so i decided to prepare the holes for the optional passenger footrest.

It took me a while to figure out the “original” position. It appears that the Drain holes and everything are not simply mirrored on LHD and RHD Cars and floorpans. So i had to do a mix of guessing and measuring to figure out the position.

But at the end i think i nailed it.

And now even the bends on the L-shaped foots make sense. I thought those were bent by accident, until i heard from several people that they’ve seen those feet with bends before.
(ignore the uncleaned welds, those will be cleaned of course). If you get the location right, the perfectly fit with the shape of the transmission tunnel / Floor pans. Also note that measures for the position i had first where made for the two inwards-facing “feet” but my one has two Left-facing feet, so of course the position of the holes are different…

At the end i had it all installed and with a nice fit, if you ask me.. 

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