EK9 Project

EK9: Old JDM Tuning catalogues & Pricelist

With the rising of the EK9 value lately, i decided to finally ask my Insurrance if they can insure my car as a “collector” car. I know it’s not exactly a multi-million dollar collectors item, but it brings you some advantage to have it insured like this. For example oldtimer-races are partially included, and it covers rare spare-parts from Japan, etc… For this i had to list all the prices of the car and the modification parts. Luckily i’m a hoarder and kept all the old documents and all the parts-catalogues from back in the day when JDMjunkies was an import business for japanese parts. I think meanwhile even the catalogues have quite some value. but that’s another story.
So here we go. Original service manual, HyperRev Magazines, sales brochure and price list. Civic Options price list and a little flyer.

Here’s the original price list:

And here the one for the Option parts. Kind of hilarious that you could have bought golden “H” emblems, or put a standard roof spoiler on the TypeR cars, if you think about it today…

And then went through all the parts catalogues to check the original catalogue price for all the parts i’ve installed. I still love these and almost forgot i still have all of them in my shelve. Especially the spoon and Mugen catalogues are a piece of art, if you ask me 🙂

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