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240Z: Fuel Tank Reproduction part

So, a few days ago, i had a phone call with Chris from S30.world. We agreed on a deal (soon more) and he offered me one of his new Reproduction fuel tanks in return. Since my fuel tanks both are very worn, who am i to turn such an offer down?
This is how the original ones look. They don’t seem too bad. But while one of them could surely be rescued with a certain amount of money and time, the other one is beyond reasonable repair, especially if you look inside….

Today the New Tank arrived here, straight from the netherlands.

I have to admit it looks fantanstic.

The only small downside is that the black coating is slightly too flat and is more glossy on the original product. According to Chris it was due to the production process or something. Nothing that a little respray can’t solve. Otherwise it’s perfect, down to every last detail. 

Check out his Homepage where you can see the different versions of the tank and how they are made (inside pictures too). Also he now started offering the mounting hardware for it. He now plans to offer a variaty of as-close-as-possible-to-the-original Reproduction parts in near future. Some very interesting stuff, which he told me, and which is definitely very sought after in the market. Especially with this high quality and so close to the original parts. Thanks again for such a nice piece!

Now Since the original rubber-damper / Spacer pieces on the tank are missing, i immediately started to remove the ones from the old tank:

A bit of heat from the heat gun and a spatula and they came off very easy:

When i started to clean them, i realized that one of them has started to become a bit brittly. So i will definitely have my local rubber shop make for new pieces for me soon.


I have ordered all the missing parts for the tank including fuel tank sender, all the hoses and fuel filler neck, etc.    

If you remember, i already got the protecing plate not too long ago 🙂

Thanks again chris and see you soon!


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