240Z Project

240Z: Chassis before blasting

Instead of sanding / wire-wheeling off the whole car and have a chassis whith all kind of materials, colours and patches at the end. Some reader-input got me thinking a bit after my last post about the chassis. I thought myself i “better do it right” instead of trying to save money. So i contacted a local dry-ice blasting company and the plan is to have the complete chassis blasted with dry-ice to remove old bondo, paint and rust and then have it completely painted with epoxy-primer to protect it from rust. Point is that some replaced areas already start to rust again and some unprotected old areas too. Also i like the idea that all old stuff is gone (which needs to go at some point anyway). I like the idea that the bodyshop doesn’t need to spend time on removing that stuff (and me paying for it) and most of it, i like the idea that the whole car will be one colour (primer) instead of a mix of various paint layers in different colours, raw metal and rust. The following pics are mostly for the blasting company to get an idea of how the car looks currently and to get me a rough quote for it:

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