OTHER: Cars in the Neighbourhood

Ever since we moved to this small little famers village with 300 people living here, i’m surprised with how many gearheads live here in the neighbourhood. While i haven’t really gotten to talk with all of them, i snapped some shots while walking by, and thought i’ll make a little post.
One of our neighbours has a historic tractor collection. Pre-war single-piston machinery. Unfortunately i wasnt able to take pictures yet but once i get to talk with him i’ll snap a few if he allows me to.
What surprised me a bit more is that down the road, one guy owns some heavy modified show trucks. Not exactly what you expect behind some barn doors. I’m not sure if he uses them for business too or just for show, but they’re cool nevertheless and i don’t think i’ve ever seen a serious show truck in switzerland at all…

Then there are Subies. The subaru is jokingly known as the “Farmers Porsche” over here and there are many of them and that’s nothing wrong at all. One of our neighbours seem to come home with a range of them changing every now and them. but my favourite so far is the one with the rallye team livery:

One of my other neighbours owns two Chevy Camaros. which is probably nothing special in America, but over here those are enthusiast cars which you don’t se tooo often. I mean they’re not rare exactly, but still a car that stands out and something i didn’t expect to see…

One of our neighbours was an electric car pioneer, owning one now for i guess more than 20 years. They were a station of what i think was an all electric car rallye through switzerland. so the other day around 12 electric cars stopped here for a break and recharge, before they continued further. From quite normal ones:

To more exotic “cars” like those twikes:

I guess there is more hidden in those garages. I’ll try to get a more in-depth update in future.

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