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TRIP: Grand Tour of Switzerland pt. 2/4 (Zermatt – Grimsel – Brünig – Schaffhausen)

So for Part two of our journey we decided to take a slightly different route home and visit some nice places along the way.
After taking the train back from Zermatt to Täsch we re-united with the EK9 and started to drive back through the Valleys direction Furkapass.

After meeting these cool moped guys making a similar roadtrip on their Puch’s and Piaggo’s at a local Cheese-shop (I recommend buying some local cheese, which there are shops sprinkled and advertised along the roads)

We decided to fuel up before heading back into the Mountain tops…

But rather continuing back over the Furka-pass again. We took Another direction halfway up. This time: Welcom to the Grimsel Mounain pass:

See the serpentines..?

Along the way we had to stop to let the old Furka steam railway (which is now a tourist ride) pass, which was a nice view with all the waving happy tourists enjoying their holidays.

The drive was really fun, but since it’s a bit shorter than the Furka-pass you’ll have more bikers and caravans on this pass. Check out this video of me driving. Don’t expect any crazy maneuvres. it’s a public road after all, but the view, while pushing the honda through thin mountain air at quite a noise level is definitely worth a thing 🙂 (Watch with sound and wait for VTEC kickin’ in, yo!). It looks much slower in the video then it actually was 😛

It’s just great. especially when you arrive on top at one of the two restaurants.

Where you’d have an incredible view over the lakes on top of the world:

We stopped a bit further down to take some pictures with the grimsel dams in the background:

If you look close you can see the winding road down to the left…

A few hours later down the road (i decided to enjoy the drive instead of taking photos) we made a stop to check out the lovely Aareschlucht (Aare river canyon) which is a nice walk, especially with the hot summer weather we had: It is a several kilometer long walk on a wooden path in the canyon above the river and definitely worth a visit.

After that, we continued towards Meyringen / Interlaken and then went over the Brünig Mointain pass. it’s a short one with lots of traffic, trucks and other stuff you don’t want to have. but still it’s a fun and also a direct link towards home 🙂

I definitely recommend having a nice swiss plate at the top of the pass in this restaurant with a great view down the valley and the Brünig Pass.

We then decided to go back home to enjoy our national day with our friends and families. But instead of just taking the Autobahn we decided to take all the side-roads and continued a bit through germany over the “Küssaberg”, which is another short mountain pass and a shortcut towards home again. Well it’s more of a hill than a mountain but it’s a really nice road…
After the National Day, we hit the road again for Part two of the trip. Pead soon in part 3 and 4 of the story on this Blog here 🙂

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