240Z Project

240Z: Moustache bar assembly

Yeah it has been a while since i worked on the car myself. but i decided it’s time to assemble all the small bits and pieces into “subassemblies” wherever possible.
Last week i worked on the moustache bar. So here we got the puzzle in single pieces:

The powdercoating company also coated the inside of the bushing shells, so i cleaned them with the dremel tool

Added som fresh Bushing grease:

And in with the new bushings

And all hardware combained. ready for installation.
It looks like a simple thing, but if you think what work went into it:
– Everything had to be disassembled from the car first
– The moustache Bar got sandblasted
– The bar got primered and powdercoated
– Old Hardware fasteners got cleaned (in the rattler), zinc plated and yellow passivated
– New OEM Nissan Locking nuts and washers ordered and added
– New Polyurethane Bushings with bushing grease

Hope to find some time for some other work again soon, it’s fun after all 🙂

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