EK9 Project

EK9: New battery and charger adapter cable

Despite the first EK’s now hitting  high dollar figures in the american market, i want to use my car whenever i get a need for a fun drive.
So when i went out for a nice drive with my wife last week and on the way home the battery was dead just a few hundred meters from home at a gas station i was a bit disapointed to say. Well turns out the old damaged battery charger also damaged the battery somehow. So got a new one from my favourite vendor:

Out came the old one:

The positive battery terminal always was a bit on the loose side, so i made a little adapter ring, but forgot to take a picture. While at it anyway, i decided to add one of those little charger-adapter cables. With this i can connect the charger directly through a safe little connecter, instead of those big terminal clamps which are a bit unsafe and like to fall off when the hood gets closed..

Here we go. The terminal adapter cable can be nicely hidden when not used. Hope this battery lasts longer. It’s already number three or four since i own the car *lol* 

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