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240Z: Optional Footrest Rubber replicas arrived

A while ago i found an used optional passenger footrest for the 240Z and got it. Unfortunately the original rubbers were beyond repair. Lucky that’s where RIP260Z stepped in and offered to have them re-printed, since he made some of those in the past. Luckily it appeared that some others were on board too and it ended up in a small batch production. A few days ago the two-piece item arrived here

This is how they look assembled

Compared to the original item. The material is harder compared to the original rubber pieces, but the looks is 99% the same and it will definitely do the work and look batter then the damaged original one:

He also sent me a long message explaining in detail how to install it. Thanks a lot!
I will have the old footrest sandblasted and powdercoated after i made some re-adjustments when i have the next batch ready for powdercoating! Thanks for the great service!

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