240Z: Choke lever reinforcement plate arrived

A few weeks ago i saw a german guy named tim on facebook, showing some Choke lever adapter plates he designed and made for the Z. He made a few more and sold them. I guess he didn’t expect them to sell like hot cakes, so he produced a few more. And that’s how i got one in the mailbox today.

The plate is made from 3D Printed plastic, which is then hardenet to improve strenght a lot and make it thermally stable up to 120°C. He designed and made those in first case for himself, and told me a lot of testing went into it to get the process right:

The original choke lever is prone to be a bit “wiggly” which wasn’t the best design from Nissan. The plate will improve tha stability of the choke lever and also prevent the Center console from cracking it that area (which can happen due to the loose choke lever)

Once it’s installed it is completely invisible. In my opinion clearly an OEM Upgrade worth it, even with completely stock cars.

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  1. doruk says:

    could you share the link to the seller?

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