240Z Project

240Z: Got a Microfiche reader to read those old Nissan / Datsun Microfiches

A while a go a i scored an (incomplete) set of old Nissan / Datsun Microfiches of the 240Z / S30 chassis in germany for almost nothing. I tried to scan them using a flatbet scanner as some suggested, but the results were terrible.
When i found out that my company (beeing a several hundred years old machinery company) has some of those standing around in the mechanical department, i asked if i could borrow one to check my microfiches. and today i brought one home:

Microfiches are like Dia’s, a kind of minimized drawings or part lists on a film type piece of plastic. The microfiche reader is more or less a projector. You insert one of the film cards, which is labelled for example with “S30 Chassis”:

And then you can zoom in. By moving around the card you can check the different sections.

and then zoom in more and more until you get the page you want:

Like for example the steering section:

The data in the microfiche is nothing special. it’s available in digital form (Nissan FAST or E-Fast software), printed form (Parts manual / R-Drive parts lists) or even as scanned versions of the Microfiches. However it’s fun to tinker around like they did back in the day and i will sure have my fun during the COVID-19 Lockdown time to go through the microfiches and check for some data i didn’t know yet.

Since those Microfiche readers are for sale cheap, im thinking of buying a second-hand unit just for fun and for having the parts fiches accessable directly in the workshop.


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