240Z Project

240Z: Passenger floorpan in, Front fender & Hatch test fit

Good news. My Panelbeater is working hard on my car atm and there’s some progress, so i visited him (with 2 meters distance of course, because #Coronavirus).
So the passenger floor pans are in and will be completed soon:

Looking good in my opinion:

To get everything aligned was a bit of a headache, even with the best parts available, but looks good now.

So today i brought him the front fender. It needs the original edge line hammered back in, as some previous owner decided to hammer that flat.. terrible.. Luckily it’s the kind of job my panelbeater likes 🙂
Starts to look like a car again, doesn’t it? Allthough the rocker panel needs some adjustment.

View from the rear. Also brought him the hatch to adjust everything but we didn’t test fit it yet.

Still a few days of work to adjust the rocker panel, get the floorpans welded in completely and have the Seat rail mounts back in. But then it’s up to the other side. which is luckily in much better state and i have much bigger, better and OEM Panels ready. so i hope work will be faster. I say that, knowing that my panelbeater takes his time to get it done right..

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