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240Z: Promodet Oil Pan – does anybody know it?

Currently (ending tomorrow) is an Oil pan for sale on YAJ for the L6 engine from famous japanese company “Promodet”. I was first going to bid on it, just because i lake to stock fancy japanese (street) racing parts, with some kind of rarity and a bit of a historical significance, if you want to call it that.

The price went over my limit already the second day, so i didn’t even start to bid. Especially whith those “cheap” repairs (drain bolt and looks like the baffle pan had some bolts repaired as well) and the general pretty worn shape..

But I’m still curious to learn about it. Promodet is now a japanese tuner mostly famous for Porsche stuff, so i wonder what parts they made back in the days for the L-series or even the S30 chassis? I want to learn about it. I think i’ve seen this oil pan for sale before, but maybe it was just a similar one..  if anybody has an input on this, please let me know in the comments or by the contact form.
It looks like cast aluminum or something, but i guess it’s pretty heavy. But i like the overall design with the baffle plate and cooling fins. However i guess there are better and lighter designs available on the market, but didn’t really have a look into that topic.
please let me know for any input, old catalogue scans or something. would be great to know…

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