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240Z: Optional Passenger Footrest knowledge

Just a little update on the passenger Footrest i obtained just a few weeks ago from the interwebs. It gathered some interest by some people over at classiczcars and i got some inputs which i’d like to share with you.
1) Some people pointed out that there’s at least a second version of that footrest, on which the “feet” are facing the same direction (vs mine who has the feet in different directions):

This is how it looks installed on Kats January 1970 Z432:

To reinforce the floor he added big washers to the floorpans:

User Scotta pointed out that later cars came with pre-reinforced floorpans in that area, as his 1972 Z-L shows:

It seems that some of the many japanese trim-levels came with the optional passenger footrest as standard equipment. But also lower trim-levels which came without the footrest as this Z-S (standard) from August or September 1970 (picture by Kats) has the reinforcement areas in the floorpans:

It appears that these reinforcements were introduced to japanese market cars of all trim levels (except maybe the PZ-R aka Z432R) between january and August 1970. Both my Swiss-spec 1972 Cars came without those reinforcement, so i guess they were never introduced on the “Export” cars. At least on LHD versions. but i might be wrong.

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