Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: OEM Optional Roof spoiler painted and installed

Last week i was able to pick up my painted OEM optional /  Mazdaspeed roof spoiler from the paintshop and it looked as good as expected.

First you have to apply a lot of various sized seals and gaskets:

Then it was time to remove the inner Trunk cover. Luckily i bought a seat of interieur panel romaval tools on ebay for 17 bucks a wile ago. those things come in handy some times 🙂

After unbolting 4 nuts, i was able to remove the old spoiler:

While at it anyway, i decided to give it a proper cleanup underneath, before installing the new spoiler:

That was the whole trick. Get the new one installed and that’s it 🙂





And a quick direct comparison. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but that little difference immediately makes it look a bit more agressive, or sporty if you want. and makes the rear end a little less “bubbly” or bulky in my opinion. And then i’m curious to feel the high-speed stability and aerodynamic balance improvements which mazda uses to sell the Spoiler in their catalogue…. But that has to wait until i hit the Autobahn again next week…

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