Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Auto Folding mirror kit installation

Just before christmas i got my automated Folding mirror Kit. An OEM Mazda accessory piece, which came installed from factory in some trim levels and some versions. The kit kontains of some sort of a relay, a little wiring-harness extension, some zip-ties and an additional plug, plus the manual and some double-sided tape.

With the additional help from Mr. Google, i was able to remove the doorpanels:

I also recommand to shorten the original wiring harness protection a bit. without that it’s impossible to install it later…

You have to install the wire harness extension be removing some pins from some plugs, and add them to the new plugs, etc. I recommend this type of work only if you have experience with plugs and wires. otherwise you might destroy actually more then you improve the whole thing. This is how it looks when finnished:

And after everything is assembled: The mirrors magically fold in, once the car is closed (by key-unit), or once you start the car (power button). Only made a little test-drive after install, but already love this little addition 🙂 And took me roughly 1,5 hours to install it…

And while at it anyway, i also installed the 2020 highway toll sticker 🙂

Once the optional roof spoiler is back from the paintshop i will have more work done on the mazda. And then i guess i should concetrate mor on my datsun again 🙂

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