EK9 Project

EK9: New Battery Charger

Long time readers might know that i had my fair share of problems with the EK9 batteries dying due to unter-useage and environmental (cold) temperature in my previous garages.
This is better now in my new garage but still not perfect. so a few years ago i bought a cheap-ass (35.- Bucks) Battery charger at a local discounter sale. It worked OK but was never a perfect solution. A few days ago i noticed a ticking sound from the charger and the LED blinking instead of glowing. Ah – clearly the power supply was blown up. and finally i had a reason to buy a more professional Item. Usually people go with Ctek brand, but i went for the AEG. it’s basically the same. same price range and more or less same features. This is a mid-range item with 4A maximum current.

Had it clamped to the car immediately and it started charging straight away 🙂

It has an 8-phase charging cycle with different voltages and currents to improve battery lifetime. And once the battery is charged, it will keep on discharging and charging it like if you daily-drive it.

What i like especially about this one is the accessories. It has an array of short cable adapters which can be mounetd directly to the battery terminals and then you just connect the charger to the small plug instead of having the clamps at the battery. Perfect for cars that are more in storage than actually driven… like your weekend- or seasonal cars…

We’ll see how long this one is alive 🙂

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