Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Roof Spoiler Paintshop test

For small work i prefer to bring my stuff for painting to a local paintshop. It’s a Paintshop shared by multiple painters and they do all kind of work. Even if it’s a kind of backyard operation workshop, their work is very professional and the man who paints my stuff is very nice, helpful and experienced too. So just before the end of year i brought my mazda roof spoiler to paint it in 25D Mazda Snowflake white pearl.

I thought i’d just leave the paint-code and part to get the work done and pick it up in a few weeks again. But once The painter realized that it’s a metallic AND pearl-effect paint he noted it’s a bit tricky to get the right amount of the effect-layer (metal-flake and Pearl-effect) to have the exactly same hue as the rest of the car. So he decided to give it a test-run and check it out with the rest of my car to match it perfectly.
So here he starts to mix the paints:

Here you can clearly see the Pearl effect colour:

Multiple layers of base colour, Effect (Metal flakes and Pearl-effect) and clearcoat sprayed in the cabin:

And then we went out in the sun to compare it with the original colour on the car. Luckily he hit the effect perfectly in the first attempt.  So i guess soon i will be able to pick up a spoiler in the correct colour. I guess this was an unexpected hour spent well 🙂

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