Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Auto Folding mirror kit arrived

Got a package from the UK Today with a little upgrade for my Mazda 6:
The C850-V7-650A Mazda OEM Auto folding mirror kit
I know this item was available on higher trim-levels but not on mine. And now it’s not available as an optional upgrade item in switzerland anymore. You may still be able to order it from an local mazda dealership most probably, but i bought it pretty cheap on ebay new and original while browsing through some ads.
The kit will automatically fold in the mirrors, once the car is shut down. Since i have to park in a tight spot at my work, i really like the idea to prevent the mirrors from damage and save some space between the cars.

The kit containts more or less of a small add-on wiring-loom with a relay-socket. A motor controller relay and some zip-ties and mounting equipment, as well as an 53 page printed manual on how to install it. This will be a fun little side-project over the next few weeks 🙂
The kit fits on a variatey of other cars in the current mazda lineup too.

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