240Z Project

240Z: Back to work

Yeah it has been way too long since a last project update. The garage is still far from done, but it’s slowly getting there (more on that in an other post). Last week i got the EK9 in it’s new home. Finally:

So i think it’s time to carefully crank up the “Fairlady Z” project again…
What better way to re-start a project than buying new tools? exactly 🙂 Got myself some air tools like a rattle gun and tire filler tool with Manometer.

And a little extension  hose drum too 🙂

In order to make some space in the new garage, i decided to put the ole L24 on the motorstand instead of having it on that old wheel on the little dolly which is quite unpractical.

To do so i had to take of the clutch. thanks to the new rattle gun, this was a piece of cake:

So i had her lifted on the engine stand:

Tadaa… looks much more professional and is way more practical too 🙂

And while at it anyway i decided to remove the old fan clutch and fan blades too:

Here we go…

Hoping for more news again soon. still a lot of other work in the house / workshop / garage, but i see some light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

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