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HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build progress pt. 3

So, i haven’t posted anything in a much too long while. The Site is not dead, nor are my projects, i’ve just been too busy with building my dream house and garage lately.
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So since the Project is nearing completion and i’m starting to plan the setup of my garage / Workshop, i wanted to give you another update about what happened the last months. The house is almost complete on the outside and inside. currently landscaping work is going on, while inside the last of cosmetic touches like hardwood floors, wiring etc is beeing completed:

I do some of the wiring myself and it’s huge fun having such an advanced system installed:

Last week i got my washtub installed in the workshop area.

Windows and lights have been installed prior and i painted some of the walls as well as the ceiling. Terrible work and i still need to make some cosmetic fixes, but it still looks way better than before…

We also got power outlets in the workshop and garage area now and doorframes.

The lift- and workshop area meanwhile got sanded with a machine:

Then primered:

And painted:

After it dried out:

On saturday these guys showed up with a huge crate box:

And 6 hours later, a huge dream came true: I own my own lift, in my own garage in my own house:

Had to test it immediately, of course. Tight fitment but it works perfect 🙂 

Over the course of the next month we will move our complete House stuff, including all the Tools, workshop stuff, Car parts, etc. I also managed to get a lot of neat tools from my company, which recently closed down a big workshop. So i got a lot of industrial grade workshop interieur for free or really cheap.

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