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240Z & FRIENDS: Parts shipment from Japan

This all started with a friend who was asking for my help to import some strut tower braces for an MX-5 for one of his friends. So i made an offer. Then he decided to add some small pieces for himself for his Kenmeri Skyline build. And when i realized i had to order bits and pieces from shops like rubber-soul, M-Speed, RS-Start and Revive Jalopy, i decided it couldn’t be wrong to add a few bits and pieces for my own 240Z project. That’s when another friend of ours stepped in and was asking for some Parts for his Hakosuka build. So today i finally got the big order of small bits and pieces from Japan.
These were the parts for me:
Rubber soul / NGK blue spark plug wires, that will fit my colour theme perfectly:

Some rubber trunk lid / hatch stoppers

a Factory R160 / R180 / R200 Differential Service manual

Window wiper boots:

Windscreen washer nozzles:

rear drum cylinder rubbers:

And a free rubber soul calendar

And some free catalogues:

And then the KGC10 Hakosuka Skyline GT parts:

And then some Kenmeri / Yonmeri Skyline GC110 parts:

And last but not least, let’s not forget the MX-5 strut tower bars which started the whole thing:


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