240Z: NOS splash guard panel

It seems like currently nice parts are looking for me, rather then i’m looking for them 🙂
But lets start at the beginning. The garage-build is coming along nicely, with temporary lighting now installed:

With the House-build as a first priority now, i don’t look for parts atm. But then (as with the mikuni’s i bought lately) something popped up for a great price which has been on my shopping list for quite a while: A NOS splash under guard panel, which arrived today:

I think now i have officially all the body panels together, including the “optional” parts, or parts that are, say, more functional than visible. This will prevent the engine bay from getting too dirty and wet. Since these panels are prone to stone chips, most of them are quite dented and rusty, or completely missing (as it was on both of my cars), so it’s rare to come along a nice piece like this one. And for a reasonable price that too..

The seller in Hungary was also nice enough to add a free set of what i assume are reproduction Datsun / Nissan colour code stickers. I need to investigate further on these. Paint is still far away in my project so i haven’t spent too much time investigating on all those small details like stickers. But i absolutely love them. Thanks a lot for those!

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  1. Dan says:

    I think those decals were meant to come to me..! 😩 also ordered a splash pan off the same seller.

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