240Z: Triple Mikuni Solex PHH S5 Carbs FTW!

I randomly seem to stumble on nice stuff by accident. I always dreamed about triple Mikunis for my Z, but i thought that in the current situation with the house project, work and other things going strong, i save them for buying them later, even with rapidly rising prices. Then, lately, i came accross these nice carbs for sale on an Austrian ads website, when i was actually looking for something totally different.
A bit of negotiation back and forth, a payment and they arrived here today:

They are genuine japan made Mikuni (Solex) PHH40 S5 (5-screw) carbs. You might wonder why PHH40? I don’t plan to run any crazy numbers, so the PHH40 should be sufficient according to my calculations. we’ll see. I think i can swap them for PHH44 when i figure out that i was wrong. The deal was too god to say no. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

They have been beautifully restored. Probably will zinc plate all the bolts on the outside, but not sure yet:

It even gets better: They came with a free set of intake side gaskets and beautiful velocity stacks.

After all i’m very happy with my purchase and i think my engine setup comes along nicely with the FET Intake manifold and the Kakimoto valve cover. The whole engine side of things is still on a bit on hold, but when i find good parts like this, i just have to save them for the future 🙂

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