HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build progress

I Keep using the house project as an excuse to not post about car related stuff on this blog. but truth is the House / Garage / Workshop build has me completely comitted to it at the moment. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and the cars can wait a few months. The car projects arent dead by any means, but the Build has highest priority at the moment. So i guess i need to show you some progress. Here’s a very short summary 🙂
If you’re interested. I have a Build thread on Garagejournal with almost daily updates and lots of details on the project here:

But if you want the short version, this is how it started a few months ago, with cutting down the remaining tree:

Next day the excavator showed up and everything was dug out within two days or so.

Thats what was leftover 🙂

Few days later, the base concrete layer with the sewage lines were laid:

After “some” (aka a hella lot of) rebar was laid down…

The base plate mono-concrete got poured and the work on the basement walls started…

Starts to look like a garage, doesn’t it? Well that was again a few months ago 🙂

After that the inside brickwalls in the basement layers were put up by the masons:

And after formwork, wiring, plumbing, a ton of rebar work etc was done…

The ground level slab was poured with concrete again:

shortly after that, the ground level wallwork started:

The water collection tank got dug down

And this is how it looked a few days ago. Ground level done:

Today the top level slab got poured with concrete to secure the walls from collecting moisture over the cold winter days:

And this is how the future garage / workshop looks at the moment. It may looks small in the pictures, but it’s huge. space for plenty of cars, and workshop areas:

Still needs a lot of details until it’s useable, but so far, the progress has been great over the last few months with only minor setbacks as usual in a project of this scale.

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  1. Benjamin Lotz says:

    Coming along nicely buddy. Keep it up!

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