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FRIENDS: The Big Honda S2000 Parts delivery

Yesterday i posted this picture about a big Parts delivery from Japan for a friend with a Honda S2000.

Since the interest was quite high, i guess you guys want to know what’s inside the boxes? Let’s start off with a set of beautiful Autobacs ASM /IS design vented FRP Fenders:

and for the rear some Voltex suzuka Polyurethane overfenders:

Staying at the rear end aerodynamics, we got a beautifully crafted J’s racing Carbon rear under diffusor:

which will sadly cover part of the lovely Mugen Power exhaust system:

Following the exhaust system a bit further front, we end up at the TODA Racing exhaust manifold for the F-series engine. I run a TODA header myself and i just love the quality and look of it..

Switching from the outlet to the intake side, air is breathed though a stunning piece of carbon manufacturing: The Mugen Power Carbon air intake system:

With an additoinal Spare filter for future maintenance work:

Staying in the engine compartment, we have a Greddy / Trust magnetic oil drain plug and some spares:

And last but not least, another beautiful piece of Carbon fiber and Aluminum craft:
A set of Craft Square racing mirrors:        

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