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240Z: Nissan Sports and rallye Transmission Manual

On my task to update my transmission guide with some missing information and correct some wrong data (still need to get that done) i figured out there was a book called “Nissan Sports and Rallye Transmission Manual” from Nissan Japan.

It contains a lot of background information (it’s not a service manual) about the optional Transmissions used in various Nissan / Datsun cars over the time, including the early and late 5-Speed transmissions used in the S30 Chassis.

After unsuccessfully reaching out to a few people who did not want to share their knowledge, and after missing a Yahoo auction for an original printed version of it for just an hour or so, i thought i get in contact with another person i know to own one – a Japanese gentleman well known in the community. Since he was following my Project, he happily agreed to scan his original printed document for me. A few weeks later i got a printed copy in my mailbox.
Picture shows original manual and printed copy before beeing shipped from Japan…

Since this document rarely pops up as a complete manual, i kindly asked if i may scan it and release it online and he happily agreed again. To support the Datsun community with rare documentaion is important.
I can not thank you enough sir, you know who you are 😉
So here you go.
Click the link below to get the full pdf file of the 昭和53年7月 printed
(昭和53年 = Showa Area 53 year = 1978,  7月 = July) version document:
JDM Nissan sports transmission manual

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