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240Z: Rubber vs Polyurethane T/C Rod bushings comparison

Time for a little more knowledge today 🙂 After i posted pictures from my T/C rod bushings in various forum-threads, people replied that i should swap to rubber in the back. After discussing a few topics i figoured out that original rubber bushings are still available new from Nissan and ordered a set, which i was able to pick up today:

The problem: According to many people, the T/C rod tends to brake at the yellow area, when PU-bushings are used both in front and rear of the Frame-rail mount. This due to much counterstrength whith the hard PU-bushings.

For sciences’ sake i decided to compare both setups with an original NOS 240Z frame rail i have in my shop.
Top: Front PU / rear Rubber
Bottom: Front PU / rear PU

1st: Both PU. Fits perfect, but it’s very stiff, both compression and angle-movement wise.

Second: Front PU / rear rubber.
You still have the advantage of PU-front (less rearwards movement during compression, red arrow), while having more freedom of angle-movement (yellow arrow) and therefore minimized the chance that the T/C rod will brake.

Update: Forgot to add that information and i guess a lot put the big washers the wrong way. But this is the correct way to go (Thanks Jay Goldstein for the Input):
Front ———)[]][[](—Rear

So thanks all for the inputs and advice and i’ll definitely stick with the PU / Rubber combination for best performance and with least failure rate 🙂


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