240Z Project

240Z: NOS brake and clutch parts, doglegs assembled, Spoiler lip paint removal pt. 1

A while ago i discovered some NOS parts on a german Sales ad website and contact the seller. few days later i got some NOS parts in my mailbox 🙂
A 5-speed transmission clutch fork incl the retainer spring:

two drum-brake slave cylinders (keen-eyed readers might note that i got two left-sided items)

And a set of drum-brake hardware:

More parts are on the way from japan currenty. and while waiting, i decided to strip the various layers of old paint from the Euro-chin spoiler with the simple use of some pressurized air and a spatula. before…

at least five layers of different primers and paint:

and here’s the result. yeah, still two layers to go, but this one is tuff. even the paint stripper didn’t work on this. wonder what it is.. probably have to sand it down by hand.. no hurry though, at least i don’t have old paint peeling off from it and messing the storage space now anymore…

Oh, and almost forgot i had all the parts for the doglegs ready since a while but never assembled them…

So did that today, freshly powdercoated doglegs, zinc plated hardware and new Polyurethane bushings. next to a pair of old unrestored doglegs 🙂

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