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240Z: New Custom made transmission crossmember bushings

This is another little project that has been under work for a while and is finally completed 🙂
A while ago i wanted to re-assemble the transmission crossmember with the new Energy suspension polyurethane bushings. They’re stated to fit all 240Z years on their website:

However, when i tried to install it, it didn’t fit at all… The metal tube was too long to fit inside the outer mounting bracket and had a wrong diameter, the bushings had a completely wrong shape too and didn’t fit anywhere….

It was only then i figoured out there are at least three different types of transmission crossmembers and they do not fit the type i got i got:

I tried to find a supplier, but they weren’t available. But when i asked Jakub Nurzaj from Datsun Europe he immediately told me that he could make a set for me… So i took some measures and we double checked a few things, before the first series went into production.

Yesterday i was finally able to pick them up at the postal office and the first look was promising.

Here’s a comparison between energy bushings (left) and Jakub’s bushings (right) the difference is small but i can assure you the ones to the left don’t fit at all…

So today i was finally able to install them. I also recommend to use bushing grease before installation (I used the one from the energy bushing kit).

Fitment is spot on and tight. perfect!
I cannot thank Jakub enough for the work he put into this and i’m happy i could support him. The bushings are now available from Jakub Nurzaj from the Datsun Europe facebook page. Contact him if you need these.

Here’s how the crossmember looked before restauration:

And here’s the completed, freshly powdercoated transmission crossmember with cleaned and zinc plated bolts and the NISMO / Kameari Transmission mount. Looking good. Another Puzzle-piece complete. Thanks again to Jakub for the awesome work!

Update 2022: I got a request, so i thought i add this information here. For the Datsun Europe kit, the original bushing’s outer shell need to be kept there. DO NOT REMOVE THEM!
Here you can see the outer shells of the original bushing still in place. Just remove the original rubber and you can clean the remaining rubber bits from the outer shell, using a “Dremel” tool whire weel or something similar.


    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Erasmus,
      Yes avaiable. As mentioned in the post, you can buy them from Jakub Nurzaj from DPAN Europe (you can find him on facebook, or google it).
      I don’t know exactly what transmission that is. there are plenty of 5-speed manuals available and the mount depends on the details. Check what mount you’ve installed on your car now, and get the correct bushings for it. Hope that helps.

  • George Roe

    I have a 72 240Z and am the original owner. HLS3078526 made in 4/72 From your pics in this thread I have exactly the same issue and will be contacting Jakub at DPAN Europe immediately. This problem prevents me from reinstalling the trans and getting on with a large project.

    I do have a related question: I have not yet pressed out the OEM bushings…..because the rubber in the OEM bushings has some old-age cracks but is still approx 80% bonded, and the original “hats” seem to be in fine shape. Keeping options open I suppose. But how did you get the bushings out? Looks like the outer shell is pretty thin and the original 1972 installation may have flared the shell ends out a little for retention purposes.

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi George, nice i could help you!
      Let Jakub know you found him on this site 🙂
      As with most aftermarket bushings you leave the outer shell in place, so don’t remove it. just remove the rubber part and clean the remaining rubber bits with a “Dremel” whire weel or so.
      I also recommend to use bushing grease before installation (i used the ones from my energy bushings kit, which i use on the rest of the car).
      Here’s a picture with the original outer shell for reference:
      outer shell still there

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