240Z Project

240Z: New Custom made transmission crossmember bushings

This is another little project that has been under work for a while and is finally completed 🙂
A while ago i wanted to re-assemble the transmission crossmember with the new Energy suspension polyurethane bushings. They’re stated to fit all 240Z years on their website:

However, when i tried to install it, it didn’t fit at all… The metal tube was too long to fit inside the outer mounting bracket and had a wrong diameter, the bushings had a completely wrong shape too and didn’t fit anywhere….

It was only then i figoured out there are at least three different types of transmission crossmembers and they do not fit the type i got i got:

I tried to find a supplier, but they weren’t available. But when i asked Jakub Nurzaj from DPAN Europe he immediately told me that he could make a set for me… So i took some measures and we double checked a few things, before the first series went into production.

Yesterday i was finally able to pick them up at the postal office and the first look was promising.

Here’s a comparison between energy bushings (left) and Jakub’s bushings (right) the difference is small but i can assure you the ones to the left don’t fit at all…

So today i was finally able to install them (use some bushing grease!)

Fitment is spot on and tight. perfect!
I cannot thank Jakub enough for the work he put into this and i’m happy i could support him. The bushings are now available from Jakub Nurzaj from the DPAN Europe facebook page. Contact him if you need these.

Here’s how the crossmember looked before restauration:

And here’s the completed, freshly powdercoated transmission crossmember with freshly zinc plated bolts and the NISMO / Kameari Transmission mount. Looking cood. Another Puzzle-piece complete. Thanks again to Jakub for the awesome work!

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