240Z: New Hungarian floorpans vs Zeddfindings floorpans

One common rusty area of most S30 Z’s are the floors. The only supplier of floor pans i know is from zeddfindings  (http://www.datsunzparts.com/ ). The Problem is. they look good at first sight, but upon closer inspection they don’t fit really well.
The main Problem beeing the longitudial Bump in the the middle which should be above the frame-rail isn’t aligned proper. So basicall you have to cut it up and re-do most of the work. That’s what the bodyshop told me when i brought them my floorpans for repair. And 240Z restorers Confirmed it. However many others confirmed they had perfect fitment with the zeddfindings floorpans, so maybe it was just a bad batch?.

So a while ago i looked for another solution and came a cross datsun Club Hungary. They restore a few cars a year and make their own floorpans. while not officially for sale in a shop or so, they offered me one set when i asked them and they have them for sale on their facebook page every now and then. Not cheap, but well worth the Money. and they appear to be mostly hand-made too. The reason i trusted them to make good Quality stuff is mainly because they make their floorpans for their own concours-Level restaurations useage and not just for selling them to People with no clue…

Here’s a Little comparison. First difference you will immediately note is the size difference. with the Hungarian floorpans (left) there is some spare metal to Play with.

Another big difference is the “dent” on the Driver side seatrail which is there originally in early z-cars, but non-existant in the american floorpans from Zeddfindings.

last but most important: The longitudial rolled bead is perfectly aligned with the Frame rail and no additional cutting-up and welding needed aside from the usual fitment work…
I really hope with the increasing Prices of the Z that manufacturers start to build Quality sheet metal stuff. the parts available currently are sadly of terrible fitment and Quality…

Update 20.02.2018:
Just came across the floorpans from CC-Nagoya (JP) and for completeness sake i wanted to add them here. However, never seen them in real life, so i cannot tell you how the fitment is:

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2 Responses to 240Z: New Hungarian floorpans vs Zeddfindings floorpans

  1. Sean Dezart says:


    There are other (European) floor suppliers and I believe all have their positive and less positive points.

    Having bought several of Charlies’ floors without any negative feedback from the end users, the last took 3x pairs, I’m wondering what Charlie had to say to your observations – did he feel that some improvements could be made or what ?

    I certainly share your desire to see quality parts for our cars and more of them….and especially the 2+2 versions that have a bad deal !

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Sean, thanks for your reply.
      It’s strange. a lot of People confirm what you say. Others confirm exactly my observations.
      So maybe there was a bad Batch or something? I bought the floorpans a few years ago so i didn’t want to argue with zeddfindings and never got back to them. When i found the other solution this felt like the perfect thing to give it a try and they fit perfectly.
      Also heard about some british floorpans which don’t fit perfect and some others. Like most of the sheet-metal Panels i guess it’s hard to find one currently that fits perfect.
      It’s hard to get OEM Quality parts (or Quality parts generally) but i have the Feeling there will be a comeback soon with the raising Prices. I’m curious what future brings 🙂
      Cheers – Nils

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