240Z: Brake backing plates modified for MK63 brakes

I’ll write a huge Post about the MK63 brakes soon (just waiting for some details), but one thing i can tell already is that they’re usually installed without the backing plate.  The brakes fit perfectly with the OEM Brakes (see below):

But don’t fit with the bigger MK63 brakes anymore, due to their bigger size. (see below)

Also one of my backing plate was a bit denty….

So i decided to bring ’em to the bodyshop and have them modified to fit and straightened:

Also made sure he puts back the “lip” that was there originally. He told me the lip is there in case of someone gets into the disk so it’s a bit of a protection and safety thing…

This is the result. Honestly i was hoping for a bit tighter fitment, but since you won’t see it once the disk is installed it doesn’t matter anyway. just my OCD calling here 🙂
Next i will have it sandblasted and powdercoated.

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