240Z: Parts back from Zinc plating, now sorting and assembling

So yesterday i got the box with parts back from the plating company. Everything got cleaned, zinc plated and yellow passivated. The colour is slightly different then last time (more redish). Probably due to the changed regulations for the mix of chemicals used for this procedure.

Still quite happy with the result. Took me a while to sort through all the parts, but mostly figoured it out by now 🙂

Started with the re-assembly of some parts. From this…

To this (Hose brackets)

From this…

To this (hood closing mechanism..)

This (the other part of the hood closing mechanism… (x2)

And then finally got all the parts ready to re-assemble the shifter with the new bushings and some bushing grease. Before…


And because fun, i decided to test-fit the Kameari Z-Shift knob as well. Thiss will be a perfect match once it’s in the car 🙂

Still have some parts to sort through and a lot to assemble. but need some pre-work on some parts first…

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