240Z: Grill disassembly and check

Since i have all of my body panels together, i wanted to have a look at the last possible “unknown” area. The front grille. I never had a close look at it and wanted to make sure it’s OK. Well it’s not (of course :D).
Started like this. It seems like there are various versions of the grille around, but it appears that this is a fully original 1972 one. The middle finis shorter, which also seems to be original design on this type (the edges are rounded, as the others, so definitely not broken-off)

Everything is just plugged together and then secured with four long and thin bolts on the back of the horizontal fins:

Onfortunately it’s all just made out of cheap and thin sheet metal, so quite prone to bending:

Luckily the most delicate parts (the fins) are ok, and the rest is quite easy to fix or make on my own (i guess). the rest of the parts are just riveted together, so i probably give it a try and make my own grill. Need to think about it and see if i’m able to find the horizontal U-shaped fins in the correct size.. 🙂 guess i will send the available parts for rust and paint-stripping and then see what i can do 🙂 seems to be a fun DIY project 🙂

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