240Z: ignition Switch cleaned, assembled, ring painted, new lower corner valance

This week has been the most busy one car-wise in a while 🙂 Well. I guess that’s good?!
Thist itme i’ve cleaned the ignition switches again thoroughly and assembled them back. Tried to keep the original patina but clean it. And made sure all the contacts are fine.

Then installed one of them directly to the previously finnished steering column:

Really fun to start putting completed parts together to even bigger completed parts 🙂
Had the covering ring cleaned, since the old paint wasn’t nice anymore:

Resprayed it with some rattle-can car-paint in flat black and had it drying under the lamp for a day: 

And then put it back to the switch:

And then got a package from Poland. Have to Thank Jakub Nurzaj a lot for his support and digging in some old stock to find me this US-Spec Corner valance with the factory cutout for the american turn signals. Cheers mate for the great service!

Also thanks for the free datsun europe stickers!

So now i have another shipment ready to get rust and paint removed at the alcohol dipping company. Body-parts are now officially complete. Hope i can push my bodyshop to hurry up a bit with the chassis… Progress is awfully slow at the moment…

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