240Z: Parts ready for Zinc re-plating, New parts in

Was quite busy this week with the Z’s small projects that have been going on. I’ve been cleaning and exchanging the partsi n my tumbler almost daily and today i finally had them completed:

Now all is packed up and ready for zinc re-plating and yellow passivating. Which means i have to wait for the parts for approximately one week before i can continue.
Pretty happy with the result by the way. The Tumbler was well invested money. just took me some years to figure out how to use it properly 🙂

During preparation process i also fixed some parts which where slightly worn out.
Like this one. Before:

Straightening it out in the little vice:

and After. Much better 🙂

Oh and then got some new parts, like the replacement repair-lamp bulb cover. I know it’s not 100% the OEM colour, but it looks pretty good. still might try to clean the original one.

Oh and some new door switches by the original manufacturer:

And greased and packed all my brake-stuff to prevent them from rusting.

Oh and started disassembly and cleaning of the ignition switches:

Next step: Ordering some parts (will do that in a minute) and then complete some other bits next week.

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