240Z: Parts tumbler, Brake cylinder out, new (old) Turn signal switches in

While i can’t show you much, i’ve been busy lately completeing a lot of stuff i’ve started but never really finnished.
1) Thanks to the input of some readers i was finally able to remove the last cylinder from the brake caliper. The solution was easy. install the allready-removed cylinder again and fix it with a c-clamp. add some air-pressure again to the brake-fluid channels and it would pop out easily (It doesnt look like the cylinder is aligned properly but i fixed that)

Since sunday my Rattler / Vibrator / Tumbler / Spirator / Whatever you call it, has been working in full force to remove all the rust / Paint / Dirt and grease from all the parts i will send for re-plating. It’s maybe not the fastest solution but it comes out quite handy and you don’t have to do anything except of waiting 🙂

Guess it will take another week or so until all the parts are ready andsome of them even might need a bit of manual cleaning, but the first bunch of parts are allready looking shiny and have a super-smooth surface 🙂

Then i got some new (used) turn signal switches from my mate Patrick (Thanks for that!) to complete that job too.  

That’s it for now hope for more updates again soon 🙂

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