240Z: MK63 Calipers disassembled, other parts prepared for replating

Spent some more time disassembling parts to get them ready for zinc-replating.
Thought while at it, i could take the brake-parts for a replating as well. So i started with the disassembly of my Sumitomo MK63 Solid disk type Ex-works type calipers:

First got the old pads and shims removed. still looking quite good to be honest:

Then spent an hour or so at the garage and disassembled the rest of the calipers. With the help of my trusty little air-compressor and some redneck-skills i managed to get 7/8 cylinders out of the calipers without any damage to me, tools or the calipers.
However the last sucker doesn’t want to come out. Even brought it to a local garage and he used a torch to heat it up but wasn’t able to remove it. we’ll see how i can do that. Any inputs? Otherwise i’ll try another two days having it soaked in WD40, and if that doesn’t work i’ll bring it to a machine shop or so…

Otherwise i was quite successfull, the brakes are in great condition and by the way even learned a lot about brakes (first time working on some brakes so that was quite some fun).
After that i took all the bits from the brakes plus some other i found in my garage and put them in the “re-plating box”. Still need to clean all of this stuff for a few hours before i can send it there (they prefer old rust, grease, rubber-leftovers and paint to be removed.

Hope i find some time again soon..

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