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PLACE: 25 Years Auto Mutzentäli (New NSX and Civic TypeR)

This weekend, the local Honda Garage “Auto Mutzentäli”, who’s in Charge of servicing my EK9 had it’s 25 Year celebration. Yesterday i got Invited for a dinner, but wasn’t able to attend, but today they had some Brunch and open doors show going on, so i thought let’s have a look. We were a bit early so they were not really open, however we were allowed to have alook around.
First to see outside was the new civic typeR Turbo machine. While it for sure is an inpressive driving machine, think it has nothing in common with the “sleeper” feeling of a GolfR or my EK9. It used to be a “civil” car with beefed up mechanics, but now it’s a full flashy show car with all the red highlights inside and out.. Not my cup of tea to be honest, but i’m sure it’s a brilliant driving machine.

Just h ope they get back to their roots with the next styling…

The reason i really had to go there was the new NSX on display. Honestly i’m not a big fan of Poster-child supercars and i prefer more grassroots-level of driving, but i just had to check it out. Compared to the CTR above the new NSX looks surprisingly tame without any Wing and black-only interieur. however it looks really well designed.

The engine compartment is a piece of art with all the carbon fibers surrounding the hoses and stuff. really well done.

They had some other cars on display for their celebration too. Here’s an old friend and reader mario’s EE8 CRX Track machine.

Really great to see the new NSX in person and wish the guys over there luck and success for at least another 25 Years. they’ve done great work on my EK9 and EJ9 so far and always provided a solid Honda service to our area.

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